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Food Safety & Nutrition Services

Our labs are USDA recognized and are under government grants to conduct food microbiological research. Approved test methodologies include carefully selected FDA, USDA, BAM, USP and AOAC official methods. For more information about food safety methods, check out these Food Safety Guides.

The MiL routinely performs rapid microbial identifications, confirmations, and tracks contaminant sources of all pathogenic, indicator and spoilage organisms using the latest technologies such as GC FAME, Biolog®, Ribotyping, and 16S rRNA base pair sequencing. Our computerized identification databases have over 3,500 microorganisms profiled and include all pathogenic bacterial strain subspecies, yeast and molds, and actinomycetes.

Standard plate counts, bacterial species screening, meat speciation, antibiotic, histamine, pesticide and toxin detections are also performed using the best available ELISA and HPLC methods. Chemistries can also be performed on product samples and include: residue, proximates, fats and oils, minerals, metals, vitamin and nutritional labeling analysis, compliant with AOAC, NELA and FDA methods.

Please fill out an Analysis Request Form upon sample submission. For further information regarding request forms, please select Analysis Request on the left or Contact us.

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